Our Services

Data Center Solutions

Techland IT Solutions Limited provides comprehensive, intelligent data center solutions that supports best practice methodologies. Our data center solutions facilitate faster implementation and simple specification, streamlining the process of designing, specifying, installing and managing the increasingly complex physiological infrastructure mandatory to improve your data center.

Raise your data center to the next level with Techland IT Solutions Limited. Agile, Flexible and Innovative. In other words, Ready for the future!

Techland IT Solutions Limited is a facilitator when it comes to successful re-consolidation and relocation of your network(s) within the specified time and cost. Our multiplex and consultancy-based approach leads to smooth transformation, making your network(s) future ready. Our consultants with their sound technical expertise, ensure smooth planning and working of the project, where our consultants are deployed along with the customer’s team for successful initialization and completion of the project (network).

Our Solutions

  • Data Protection & Disaster Recovery
  • Business Analytics – Big Data and Analytics
  • Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Business Critical Applications – SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle Applications
  • IOT
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Software Defined Networking & Storage

We endeavor to secure your business by providing flexibility, security, and connectivity to your network(s). We secure services at an affordable fee, making your business/network a lot more safer than before. Although we posses a vast knowledge about networks, we still delve ourselves deeper to find new ways of working.

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